Government Solutions

Hitech Support has over 15 years experience in providing technology and telecommunication solutions for government agencies and councils.  Our consulting capabilities have delivered several outcomes to government organisations such as:

  • Business and Technology Plans, providing strategic direction and implementation design

  • Investments Schedules, outlining initial capital expenditure, operational models and transitional costs

  • Assessment and Management of Telecommunications Providers services

  • Provided subject matter expertise in identifying requirements, preparing and evaluation EOI & RFT/RFQ

  • Proposal Evaluations and Procurement Panel participation, providing requirements and specification suitability

  • Technology and Business Project Management

  • Deployment services / Commissioning and Integration

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support 

We are the IT operations department and IT advisory for numerous government organisations.  We take an ethical and vendor agnostic approach to addressing your requirements with a focus on delivering efficient, sustainable and economical outcomes.


State Government


We have been providing solutions for State Government Agencies for over 12 years and providing critical and strategic consulting services. 


Hitech holds the Advanced Supplier accreditation to provide agencies with ICT solutions over $150,000 and deemed high-risk procurement, under the NSW Government Scheme SCM0020.

Local Government

Hitech Support have been providing consulting services to local councils for over 15 years across Australia.


We are LGP accredited to provide hardware, software, consulting and managed services under the LGP 115 Panel Contract categories listed.