Managed Services (XaaS)

Instead of offering an out-of-the-box service, we look to understand your challenges and offer a range of managed services. With basic capability through to full comprehensive service, with options to consume a fully customised managed service.

Each of our service offerings allows the following options:

With our Custom level offering allows us to review your specific requirements and map these requirements to a tailored managed service. The advantage of this level, is a fully adaptive service that allows you to change with your technology infrastructure and business needs.

Service Offerings


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery  (BCPaaS)

  • BCPaaS delivers organisations the capability of an up to date Disaster Recovery action plan through to a  customised and managed solution utilising private and public cloud services.


Internet Protection (IPaaS)

  • IPaaS capabilities range from full featured managed firewall service up to a full deep packet inspection with comprehensive gateway protection and event management and monitor services to provide full visibility of traffic entering and leaving your network.


Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring (IMMaaS)

  • IMMaaS provides change reporting and management to your core infrastructure using best practices. This service provides continuous reviews indicating assest health, management information, device update and capacity insights.


Backup Management Monitoring (BMMaaS)

  • By incorporating our helpdesk services, Hitech offers a managed backup service that can manage your backups on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to mitigate risk of data loss. Our offering ranges from monitoring to full testing and validating your backups.


Secure Wireless (SWaaS)

  • With wireless becoming the preferred method of connectivity for most devices and people, you need a user friendly and highly secure wireless service. Hitech offers a highly secure and integrated solution that can be customised and continuously monitored

Wireless Management System (WMSaaS)

  • WMSaaS is a public Wifi solution that offers a fast and secure internet access with client isolation, content filtering and gateway anti-virus IDS and IPS protection.


Anti-virus Management (AVMaaS)

  • AVMaaS provides a managed anti-virus solution for your business that allows you to pay and scale your protection services on a monthly basis.


 If you’re interested in discussing your requirements, please fill out your details to have a Managed Service Specialist contact you.